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How To Buy

1. Buy through this website.

2. Buy through the registrar's marketplace platform.

3. You can buy a domain with payment in cryptocurrency or another way.

You can find the contact details here

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are there other fees until i receive the domain in my account?

I would like to buy 2 or 3 domain can I get best price

After buying 10 domains discount will be applied to your account and will act to purchase any count of domains
The process is not automated, so please let me know in any way.

Any difficulties in the transfer of domains will be resolved through correspondence.
Email, Skype or the personal messages from site.

I just purchased 4 domains and paid through 2checkout paypal. Where do I collect my domains and the necessary details so that I can use my own hosting provider? How will I even be notified to proceed to claim my domains?
Let me know because I am new at this and it is my first time buying from you.

Domains will be sent to your registrar account.
The registrar is listed for each domain on the site.
The transfer is free and takes only a few minutes.

After the domain is sent to you, you will be a full and sole owner of this domain.
And you can act with him as you please.

Because the domain can not be sent to the wrong account - I will contact you, after an unsuccessful transfer attempt and ask for details of the registrar.
So this is not a problem :)


Never done this b4!

After I have purchased can I ask you to transfer registration to my Namecheap account? What would you need?




"Push" - transfer of a domain inside the current registrar to another owner.
"Transfer" - transfer of a domain from one registrar to another.

For most domains, transfer currently is possible only within the current registrar. (The regulation of .com and .net zones implies the possibility of transferring a domain only after 60 days, after a change of ownership)
Also, "Push" a domain to the current registrar is free and instant.
It makes sense to "Transfer" to another registrar before the domain registration deadline. Because the "Transfer" process involves renewing the domain registration for another year and costs according to the price list of the registrar-recipient.
"Transfer" usually take 5-6 days.

In any case, you can manage your domain name as you need. For example, install namecheap name servers and use their hosting (as well as use any hosting provider that you need).


Once the domains transferred to the preferred registrar, do I need to register with my current registrar?

You can fully manage your domain with your current domain registrar. You can change your privacy mode, DNS servers, renew your domain, etc.

Also, with the current registrar, you can use any hosting provider, for this you just need to change the name servers and follow the instructions of your hosting provider.

I'm new in the domain field, what should I do if I already paid but the domain can't be pushed?
I will push the domain to a domain service provider in my country in Southeast Asia, is it possible?


All domains will be pushed (if you provide data for push) within no more than 24 hours after purchase.
If you not provide data (forgot, or not have registrar account) - i'll send you message and we can resolve this.

About transfer to another registrars you can read this comment:


Where i pay annually fee of domain and how much fees i need to pay?


Domains will be sent for free to current domain registrar.
All renewal fee you will pay within your registrar account for current registrar price.
For example dynadot prices you can see here: