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1. What are the guarantees that I will receive purchased domains?

2. Is the price on the site final?

3. How soon I will receive my domains?

4. What are these domains used for?

5. I'm a newbie, and I do not know how to buy and sell domains.

6. Discounts?

7. I'm trying to pay via paypal, but the payment failed.

8. I do not have PayPal account. Can I purchase domains?

9. Where and how will I get purchased domains?

10. How to Use Namecheap Hosting with an External Domain

11. How can i transfer domains to GoDaddy or another registrar?

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I need help I want to pay Order 5904 How do I pay? There are some reasons why I can not pay according to the system. At first I bought I have to restart my computer. Where do I go to pay? Check me out.

I have a Dynadot account but you ask for a Forum Name. Do you mean User or Account Name?